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Marcador Tombow ABT-N15

Tombow Black
Dual Brush - Pen ABT

Marcador Tombow Preto
Pincel + Ponta Fina




Tombow ABT-N15 Black

Dual Brush - Pen ABT

Two tips…
The ABT Dual Brush Pen is a marker with two tips. The fine tip is perfect for consistent lines and tight drawings, e.g. when working with stencils. The second one is highly flexible like a brush – durable, tough and yet soft – and perfect for e.g. large-area colour application. The single ink reservoir not only insures exact colour match but also makes the ABT Dual Brush Pen an economical purchase.

…96 colours…
The ABT Dual Brush Pen is available in 96 vivid colours. The colours are water-based and can be used as water-colours and can also be blent. For this purpose, apply the colours to a glossy surface, e.g. an old CD; and blend them with the help of a paint-brush and water. That way you can create beautiful effects and shades!

…unlimited possibilities
The „Tombows“, as they are often called by ABT users, offer many different application and can be used e.g. for card-making, stamping, sketching, comic drawing, illustrating and much more. Please note that the colours of the ABT Dual Brush Pens are not light-resistant. Therefore, your artwork should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

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