Golden Tattoo Machine Diamond Liner 8


Diamond Liner 8

Tracing machine with 8 turns coils.



Golden Tattoo Machine Diamond Liner 8

Power Liner Concept - Optimized for stability and precision.

Diamond is a machine in which nothing has been left to chance, where every detail has its function and endowed with a unique electromagnetic balance, achieved through laboratory studies and practical knowledge of existing systems.
The Golden Tattoo Machine® accentuates your creativity.


Golden Tattoo Machine Diamond Liner 8

Technical specifications:
- Liner 8 Wraps
- MS 58 Metallic Frame with Golden Galvanization Coating
- Orion Springs
- GoldenTattooMachine Exclusive Coils
- Coil Core, Armature Bar and Yoke made of high quality iron
- Weight: 248 gr.

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions13 × 13 × 6 cm
Plug - Connection




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