Eternal Ink The Concentrates - Four Color Ink Set


Eternal Ink The Concentrates
4 Color Kit - 30ml/1oz


eternal ink the concentrates portugal

Eternal Ink The Concentrates

4 Color Kit - 30ml/1oz

This kit of 4 colors consists of 3 classic colors from Eternal Ink: Blue Concentrate, Purple Concentrate and Green Concentrate plus the new Turquoise Concentrate. Concentrates blend perfectly with any other Eternal Ink color. With this kit you will intensify your color palette and will be able to make smooth and well saturated color transitions. Misure with dark tones for richer tones or degrade with other tones to increase the depth and impact of your work.

Eternal Tattoo Ink:  Developed by Terry Welker from Michigan USA with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Eternal Ink has become one of the most popular inks in the tattoo world with an enviable color palette.

Eternal Ink Turquoise Concentrate passed the rigorous tests described in EU Resolution ResAP (2008) 1.

The label contains all legal information in accordance with European legislation.
Certificates and safety data sheets are available for download.

Our company seeks to place high quality and safe inks on the market, the Eternal Ink Turquoise Concentrate and the official representation of the brand in Portugal are the result of this search.
Other information available on the brand's websites.
Visit the Eternal Ink website

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Weight0.26 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 3.5 cm

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