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We have several types of shipping available depending on your location.

WARNING: We do not deliver to PO Boxes / PO Boxes

NATIONAL (except islands):
We have at your disposal the following methods for sending your order:

TNT - All orders received on business days until 3:00 pm usually they will be delivered on the next business day but in some cases it can take up to two business days.

The shipping amount will be calculated according to the total weight of your order.
You can check the value of your order shipping at any checkout step before finalizing your order.
If you want your order to be paid upon delivery, €2,03* the same.
* VAT not included

Free Shipping for orders over € 200 * and weight less than 5Kg (Continental Portugal only)
* VAT not included

CTT - All orders received on business days until 3:00 pm they will be processed and sent on the same day except on Monday (in this case they will be sent on Tuesday), as a rule they are delivered between 3 to 5 working days after the date of dispatch but this period is not guaranteed and may be extended.

The shipping amount will be calculated according to the total weight of your order.
You can check the value of your order shipping at any checkout step before finalizing your order.

NOTICE: We do not ship for a refund to the islands.
* VAT not included


We ship to all Spain with deliveries between 48H to 72H.

Contact us to choose the most suitable shipment for your case.

We send your material for a refund only to Mainland Portugal.

WARNING: We do not send some items for a refund (Stigma Rotary Machines, Bishop Rotary, Critical Sources among others), in which case we will contact you to inform you of our bank details or ATM reference so that you can make the payment.



We sell high quality equipment, and it is highly unlikely that you will have problems using it.
In case you need to return a product, you can do so within a maximum of 7 days after receiving it.
Returned products must be in the same condition in which they were sent, that is, in the same condition in which they reached you. If this is not the case, and the product is not in the original condition in which it was shipped, it may be subject to a fee of 10% on the value of the product or in some cases, we may refuse to refund the order. In such cases, it will be the customer's responsibility to arrange direct collection with us or pay shipping costs in order to receive it again.
Any equipment that appears to be defective and that is within the warranty period can be returned to us for repair / replacement, being the customer's entire responsibility for the correct packaging so that they arrive in perfect safety conditions.
We recommend that products be returned by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to our store located at Largo Vasco da Gama 1, 2825-414 Costa de Caparica.
When we receive your products, we will analyze them and if there are no defects but only a poor resolution of the problem on the part of the customer, it is the customer's entire responsibility to collect the product or pay the shipping costs to be sent back.
In case the return is accepted, we will precede the refund of the shipping costs assumed by the customer, as soon as we receive the respective proofs.
Returns from Stigma-Rotary, Cheyenne Hawk, Critical power supplies and Thermal Printers will be handled directly with the respective brands, which will ensure a faster and more efficient technical service in the problems that may arise.
In no case return the order to us without contacting us first so that you are advised on the best way to proceed.

The equipment purchased for professional use is not regulated by Decree-Law No. 84/2008, for professional use this matter is regulated by the Civil Code, and the warranty period if there is no agreement to the contrary will be 6 months, from accordance with paragraph 2 of article 921 of the Civil Code. (Decree-Law No. 47344)
Here are the links for consultation in the Diário da República of the Decree-Law in question:
Decree-Law No. 84/2008 
Decree-Law No. 47344

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16 thoughts on “Informações

    • Pedrada Tattoo Supplies says:

      Good afternoon Wando,
      We send material to Brazil, you can register on the website and place your order.
      After finalizing your order, we will contact you with the final price, including shipping.

  1. Leonardo says:

    Good! I placed the following order, (ORDER CONTENT DELETED) ...
    I have already placed other orders and I have no complaints about anything, I just came to say that the ink ”Eternal Ink Lining Black × 1
    Capacity: 60ml € 20.00 ”that I ordered came in 30ml size. I would like you to help me, understanding that there may have been a mistake .. thanks;)

  2. Roberto Coimbras says:

    Well, I have an order made, all that remains is to make the payment. I would like to know if it is possible to make any changes at this time when payment is only missing.


    Best regards.

  3. Eduardo says:


    I am trying to make a purchase, but the system is not accepting my location to finalize the order (Brazil) ...
    how should I do?

    • Nuno Melo says:

      Good afternoon Eduardo,

      Due to complications with ANVISA and the delay in delivery due to these complications, we are not currently sending material to Brazil.

      best regards

  4. Carolina says:

    Good morning, I'm from the south bank, and I want the cost of my co.pra and 60 euros with transport included. Will I have to pay more?

    • Pedrada Tattoo Supplies says:

      Good Morning,
      When you complete your purchase, you will have the total amount already with shipping included, from the moment that the completed order will have no additional costs.

      If you have any further questions please contact us.

  5. LupaShiva says:

    Good evening

    There is the possibility of replying to the mails, I have already sent two emails asking some questions, including material to buy and I have not had any kind of response, and I have already made some purchases at your online store, I have not yet done it because I am waiting contact.

    Luis Ramos

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